Denny's Electric: Micro-turbines


dMicro-turbines - fueled by natural gas - produce reliable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly (“clean and green”) primary and back-up electricity.

Through this CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system - developed by Capstone Turbine Corporation - electricity is produced on-site by the turbines (a process known as distributed generation), not from a power plant.

And from an environmental standpoint, carbon emissions are reduced.

Natural gas burns cleaner than coal (from a power plant), to help lower the carbon footprint (the total set or measure of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual or organization). Natural gas also offers the lowest nitrous oxide (Nox) emissions of all combustion systems.

Above. Two 65 kilowatt (KW) micro-turbines installed at the
UGI Gas Service Stone Ridge (West Region) Middletown operations building.