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Electrical Safety For Kids

Curiosity and carefree playfulness are a natural aspect of childhood learning, but when it comes to electricity, it can be extremely dangerous. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that every year around 31,000 home electrical fires happen, and almost 200 cases involve electrocution or electricity-related accidents. At Denny’s Electric, we are dedicated to […]

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Where Does My Home or Office Require GFCI Breakers?

GFCI, a ground fault circuit interrupter, is a device that can detect an electrical fault and shut off power before an injury or electrocution happens.  It will “sense” the difference between the amount of electricity flowing into the circuit and the one flowing out, and react within one-tenth of a second to trip or shut […]

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Why Are My Lights Flickering?

We have all experienced some type and level of electrical problem, whether we live in an apartment or in a house, such as the lights flickering. Have you ever experienced using your microwave and the lights flickering or dimming while it’s on? Is this indicative of a bigger electrical problem? An occasional light flicker is […]

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