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4 Reasons to Test Your Heater in October

The cooler climate that comes with Fall is a welcome change. Many people are saving money by not having to run their AC because of the hot summer months and are in relative comfort with the natural temperature in their homes. At this point, running your heat may be the furthest thing from your mind. After all, it doesn’t make sense to turn your heat on if you do not need it, right? While you obviously do not need to keep your heat running for a long period of time, it IS certainly a good idea to test your heater at this point.

4 Reasons to Test Your Heater in October

Turn your heating on and let it run for about half an hour. During that time, check all of the areas where heat should come into your home, so you can feel whether or not any heat is being produced. Did you notice anything unusual?

Denny’s Electric Service is here to give you 4 reasons why it may be a good idea to run your heater this month.

  1. You Do Not Need Your Heater… Yet.
    October is a month that can be relatively cool, but not necessarily cold yet. More than likely, you are not running your AC and if you are, it is sparingly. The same can be said for your heat. There is a good chance you have not even thought about turning your heat on yet, mostly because you have not needed to. That being said, temperatures can change and dip significantly from one day to the next and colder weather is on its way. Before you know it, winter will be here. Nothing is worse than going to turn on your heater in the middle of a cold day and not being able to warm up in your own home. Testing your heater now may alert you to potential problems that are much easier to deal with now than in the middle of winter when you REALLY need your heat to be working.

  2. Issues Usually Arise At The Start of Winter.
    It may come as a surprise but the majority of issues that come about with heating and cooling happening at the beginning of the seasons when they are used the most. Your heating system has been idle for several months because it obviously was not being used throughout the Spring, Summer, and beginning of Fall. This can potentially lead to several problems. Your system can malfunction from parts aging and normal wear and tear. You would not even know there is an issue until the first time you try to turn it on. Like most consumers who do not test their system before winter, you may be scrambling to get a hold of a contractor when this happens. This also brings us to our next point.

  3. Supply And Demand.
    During the fall months, since many people are not using their heating or cooling as much, demand for contractors is typically lower than normal. Maintenance and repairs are not being thought of as much, therefore demand for servicing is lower. This means that you can take advantage of openings in our schedule. We would be more than happy to come to your home to assist with any issues that you may discover as a result of testing your system early. We can help address any shortcomings and make recommendations on the best way to help you with your concerns. This will not last long, however, because once Winter hits, it may be more difficult to schedule routine check-ups So, give us a call now!

  4. You Can Save Money!
    By testing your system now, you may be able to save some money in the long run. Routine servicing and maintenance can help ensure that your system is running at peak performance at all times. By scheduling regular upkeep and care for your heater, you can save yourself from costly repairs that may come up from issues that have gone unchecked for extended periods of time. It may also be something that is required to keep your warranty valid if you have a new system.

We certainly hope that this has been helpful and want to help you address any concerns you may have with your heating system now before things turn into an emergency for you.

Feel free to contact us today so we can schedule a time to come to your home and help repair or maintain your heating system.

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